From sr Genevieve (Celine) to Jeanne La Neele – September 14, 1919

From sr Genevieve (Celine) to Jeanne La Neele – September 14, 1919

+   Jesus                                                                                       Carmel of Lisieux

                                                                                                         14th 7ber 1919

                                                       (25th anniversary of my joining the Carmel)

                    Dear little Jeanne,

   If only you knew how touched I was by your kind thought! I wasn’t expecting you to send me anything, so the surprise made me doubly happy. What’s more, I was extremely pleased to see a little treat in the refectory. The melon was delightful. Everyone enjoyed it, and it secured prayers for both you and me. Taking Communion this morning, I asked God to bless you and ease the weight of exile from your shoulders. Soon we’ll all be reunited in heaven. We are over halfway through our lives, or rather, over three quarters, so we have very little time left. In ten years, several of us five (us 4 and you) will be gone. And 10 years isn’t long at all!

  Come now, darling little sister, be brave and put your trial to good use. Don’t allow your complaints to reach your lips, because they will hurt God. It was our little Thérèse’s trust that touched God, as well as the joyful song that she would always sing to Him, even in suffering.

   I send my love, my dear little Jeanne and childhood companion

                     Sr Geneviève of the Holy Face, u.c.n.

Thank you for the bottle of mature wine. It brought me great pleasure.