From sr Genevieve (Celine) to Jeanne La Neele – October 7, 1928

From sr Genevieve (Celine) to Jeanne La Neele – October 7, 1928

+           Dear little sister,

   Thank you very much for everything you sent me. But tell me whether the animal painting was always in Uncle’s bedroom. If it was, I’ll give it back to you, because I don’t want to deprive you of it and it isn’t an important keepsake for us because our little saint never knew it.

Concerning the books, you can put aside all of Marie and Pauline’s valuable books ready to send to us, that is to say those with red and green bindings: “Les Armoiries du roi Noman”, “Le Bon Théodelin et le méchant Thierry,” etc. etc.

What a lot of trouble I’m giving you, dear little sister! But take your time and whatever you do, don’t tire yourself out. Do it when you can.

   Everything arrived safely and in the condition you said, no more damaged than they were already.

Dear little Jeanne, don’t think that you hurt me in the slightest when, in our last meeting, to excuse Solange you said that I liked clothes in my time. It is true that I’ve always admired grace and beauty in all things, but I can humbly claim that I have nothing to be ashamed about as far as modesty is concerned. You know very well that at your wedding, although we were bridesmaids, Marie and I didn’t allow ourselves any V-neckline, however high, and God knows that it was fashionable at dinner parties! In fact we were the only ones not to have one. I remember that we had some pretty shaped slippers and we agreed to hide our feet under our dresses and not to cross our legs to practice self-denial and mortification. We didn’t look at ourselves in the mirror once dressed. The same went for H. Maudelonde’s wedding in Caen. Also, there were plenty of other little daily sacrifices that we would secretly make. I think I can safely say that we would never have worn a skirt shorter than knee-length, and we wouldn’t have put roses in our buttonholes even if it was fashionable. I had some fine clothes, yes, some fine things, but nothing that was indiscreet. Of course it isn’t indiscreet to wear flowers in one’s buttonhole but it isn’t appropriate in the house of a saint and does her no credit. We can be at the height of good taste without going that far. To have a clear conscience, we must make little sacrifices, otherwise our inner senses are spoilt and Jesus stops speaking to our hearts and we no longer see the truth. May our little saint, along with little Marie, and my Aunt, your holy Mother, help you to see that what I’m saying is true!  

Your Céline                                                7th 8ber 28