From Sister Marie-Dosithée to Mr. and Mrs. Guérin – April 5, 1874

From Sister Marie-Dosithée to Mr. and Mrs. Guérin – 5th April 1874

 V + J (Live Jesus)

From our Mtery in Le Mans

5th April 1874


My dear Brother and my dear sister

I received your last letter on Good Friday and I have hurried to take advantage of these holy days to obtain the favour you were seeking. Our mother is united to our cause, as is the whole community, I hope that Our Lord will look favourably on our wishes, it will be even easier given that Mr. Fournet has so many good qualities already and so it won’t be difficult I think, to persuade him to finally perfect them by rendering them worthy of eternity (the conversion of Mr. Fournet, Mrs. Guérin’s father, wouldn’t in fact happen until much later on). From what I can see you have a zeal for saving souls and I am very glad about this for he who saves his brother’s soul ensures the salvation of his own, now I don’t doubt that your prayers and zeal saved that poor ‘Toughy’ (Paul‑Jacques Dugrais, solicitor in Lisieux, who died at the age of 32. Acting as friend of the family, Mr. Guérin had signed on 11-11-1873 the birth certificate of their son Paul-Emile Dugrais) from what you wrote, I found him very difficult and obdurate. As soon as we received your letter our Rev. Mother was kind enough to have a letter sent to Issoudun recommending him to O. L. of the Sacred Heart, our advocate for these, hopeless, cases (sic) and the community has said a novena for him. As for me [1v°] I managed to have his name registered with the Fraternity of O. L. of Victories and fulfill my obligations towards him, in short I carried him continually in my thoughts and in my prayers to God: imagine my suffering when after that Zélie in a letter to her children said that she had just heard at midday on Monday that this unfortunate Paul had died and that on the previous day at the same hour he had refused the priest! I admit that on reading this I was aghast, however I adored God’s impenetrable ways, which are always justice, wisdom, and even kindness. Now that I see mercy has prevailed, how happy I am, how good God is! for tearing at the last hour of their lives miserable sinners who have persevered for long years in offending him and mocking him: yes eternity will not be long enough to sing God’s mercies! But since you have done so much you must continue praying, I think that his purgatory will be long and terrible, so let’s help him as best we can.  

I am expecting Zélie tomorrow, it won’t be a joyous visit I assure you, she must fetch her Léonie, what can we do with this poor Léonie? what a cross! how I pity my poor dear sister! How I would like to be able to help her!... but I can’t do anything, nothing at all!... However I hope in the Lord, yes and with all my strength, I have so much faith in him! I do not distrust him in the least! I know him so [2r°] well, he can do whatever he likes I shall hope in him and not be confounded.

Friday 10th. I saw Zélie, she was very resigned, she thinks that when children are not like others it is the parents’ duty to have the bother of looking after them; but in the meantime she doesn’t know what to do, she is going to keep her, her pain is great, she was so confident that the gentleness and love of the Visitation convent would change her daughter and now this hope has vanished; I hope that God will come to her aid.

And you how are you and the little girls? Is Jeanne’s behaviour improving? She must become good! Now she is a big young lady, at six one must be very good and very gentle, she must work towards achieving that goal. And you my dear sister, I haven’t had news from you in a long time. Are you stronger at present? Are you still as worried as before (about scruples)? I would really like you to be at peace, ask Our Lord for this. He will grant it to you, for this was, after his Resurrection, his only wish for his apostles; he never approached them without this greeting: “Peace be with you”, and you know that coming from him it is not just a wish but a gift.

I am very well, I am in danger of living until I’m 70 I find that very long, and yet I will have to if it’s God’s will, the important thing is to live [2v°l a saintly life, my God, how obliged we all are to do so! the Lord has given us so many graces, not only to me, but to all our family, we should be most grateful and be especially saintly given the wickedness we see everywhere. I don’t think that the world can get much more ungodly than it has become these last few years; the nations conspire against the Lord and his Christ (Ps 2:2) if they could dethrone him, the Lord would soon be sent packing by the puny creatures that emerged from the breath of his mouth, but when he rises up in righteous indignation he will annihilate the ungodly and reduce them to silence.    

I implore you, my dear Brother, to see if you could do just one more favour for our community. It’s about Mrs. Selles; you will find the explanation you need enclosed, I asked my Sr. the bursar if she would put it in writing, because I don’t know much about such matters.

I send you all my love and remain always your most devoted and affectionate sister.

Sr. M. Dosithée Guérin

of the Von of Holy Mary

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