taxil leo 

Mr Léo Taxil, born Gabriel-Antoine Jogand-Pagès.

Born March 21st, 1854 in Marseille, died March 31st, 1907 at Sceaux.

His name is linked to Diana Vaughan, to the “Eucharistic novena for reparation” of palladism. An anticlerical literary writer, he published scandalous pamphlets against the Church. In 1885, he seemed to do an about-face and turned his pen against freemasonry which he had been excluded from, went on a pilgrimage to Rome and received absolution from Pope Leo XIII. But on April 19th, 1897, during a press conference he revealed that he was Diana Vaughan, the “Eucharistic novena” was him, palladism (Satanism) was him again. He is very proud of the “greatest scam of his existance.”