Tom, Thérèse's dog

M. Martin gave Thérèse this white spaniel on June 26th, 1884.

After the entrance of Thérèse in Carmel, the dog was taken once to the parlor in Carmel where he jumped on the grill to try to get to his little mistress. What he could not do that day, he did at the end of 1889: following the furniture from the Buissonets taken to Carmel, he quickly spotted Thérèse among the sisters receiving the furniture and jumped on her, leaping up and down at her side. Thérèse took him under her white novice’s veil, very moved. We don’t know how long he stayed at the Guerin’s after the death of M. Martin and the entrance of Céline in Carmel, September 14th, 1894.