VIE-73 Life
Thérèse in the laundry room - wash Charles Jouvenot.

When we needed a sister for tedious and tiring work, she (Thérèse) always offered herself. Especially with the washing, she was ingenious in self renunciation. One day I asked her which was better, to do the rinsing in cold water or to stay in the laundry room to wash with hot water. “Oh! This isn’t difficult to know the answer. When it bothers you to go to the cold water, it’s a sign that it bothers others as well; so then, go there. If, to the contrary, it’s warm, stay by preference in the laundry room. By taking the worst places, we practice at the same time self mortification and charity for others since we give up the best for them.” After that, I understood why I saw her take the place that was hottest in the laundry room and precisely the place which had the least air.  Testimony by sr Marie de la Trinité.
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