LT 114 - To Agnes of Jesus

LT 114                 From Thérèse to Agnes of Jesus.

September 3, 1890


Jesus +

Dear lamb, yes, joys are always mingled with suffering for us. Yesterday's grace demanded a crowning, and Jesus gave it to you and to me at the same time, too, for all that causes you to suffer wounds me deeply... I'd like to know if Our Mother consoled you and if you are still sad? It seems to me that I should thank the saintly old man Simeon' and tell him his letter arrived, what do you think?. . . I'm giving you a note from Sister Thérèse of Jesus. She gave it to me this morning. Must I do all this for her? ... I don't have any models, and, then, it seems to me, that the linen and the Blessed Virgin are more important, but I'll do what you tell me.

Do you believe Céline is really going to die?... I promised her yesterday to make Profession for the both of us, but I'll not have the courage to ask Jesus that He leave her on earth if this is not His will. It seems to me that love can make up for a long life.... Jesus does not look at time since there is no longer any time in heaven. He must look only at love. Ask Him to give me very much love too. I'm not asking for perceptible love, but a love felt only by Jesus. Oh! to love Him and make Him loved, how sweet this is!. . . Tell Him, too, to take me on the day of my Profession if I must still of­fend Him afterward, for I'd like to carry to heaven the white robe of my second Baptism without any stain on it. But, it seems to me, that Jesus can give me the grace of no longer offending Him or committing faults that DON'T OFFEND Him but serve only to humble and to make love stronger. If you only knew the things I'd tell you if I had the words to express what I am thinking, or rather what I am not thinking but feeling!... Life is very mysterious!. .. It is a desert and an exile . . . but at the bot­tom of my soul I feel that there will be a day of DISTANCES, in­finite DISTANCES that will make me forget forever the sorrows of the desert and the exile....

the little grain of sand

M. l'abbé Domin doesn't know I'm making Profession; must I tell him? It seems to me that if Our Mother hasn't yet written to the Abbey, she could tell these Sisters to inform him about it?


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