Testaments of the Holy Virgin – Assumption


Tickets drawn each August 15th

Testament 1
My life was one of heroic faith as a result of witnessing with my own eyes the debasement of the Son of God without ceasing.
I leave to you my Faith that was gently tested by offering to God the sacrifice of witnessing all.

Testament 2
I leave you my heart to love God more perfectly; and so this love will transform your life and will render it agreeable before the Divine gaze as if it were a prolonging of my own.

Testament 3
I leave you my humility that was the source of all my glories and my joys. If you dream of attaining the highest summits of love, remember it is “because I stayed small that I have pleased the Most High” and so he gave me reign over the Angels and the Saints, and even over his very own Heart.

Testament 4
I leave you the great simplicity that I always preserved in my relation with God and creatures and which followed me in those most elevated mysteries with which the Lord associated me. This childlike simplicity preserved my soul in peace and preserved it from the exaltations of the heart and of the spirit.

Testament 5
I leave you my tender affection for Saint Joseph. After the Holy Trinity, after the Sacred Humanity of Jesus, he was the object of my greatest love. Love to meditate upon the devotion with which he enveloped me as well as Jesus during so many years and through so many perils and privations. Your soul will extract great profit and sweet consolations.

Testament 6
I leave you the joy with which the Holy Spirit filled my soul and which poured and ineffable softness over all the sacrifices that I encountered during my life.

Testament 7
I leave you the burning desire of Heaven that, after the day of the Ascension until my death never ceased to consume my soul. This was the martyrdom of love, both cruel and sweet, that was the double-edged sword of sorrows that dug into my soul at Calvary, meriting for me the title of “Queen of martyrs.”

Testament 8
I leave you my zeal for the glory of God and the exaltation of the Holy Church. I have worked through words when I revealed to the Apostles the secrets of the Life and the Heart of Jesus, but I worked even more through prayers, through hidden virtue and through my loving abandon to divine will that made of my life a perpetual holocaust.

Testament 9
I leave you my zeal for the sanctification of the clergy. It was my great worry from the time of the birth of the Church. The Apostles and the disciples found in me a Mother completely devoted to the interests of their souls and their ministry. Become also the mother of priests in offering for them the merits of our hidden life.

Testament 10
I leave you the fidelity with which I fulfilled even the smallest requirements of the law of Moses. This fidelity to small things makes the souls of religious into “small martyrs”; they prepare for themselves a great glory in Heaven and here below a profound peace in relation to their constant good will.

Testament 11
I leave you my love for silence. If you knew to flee from useless conversations, if you knew not to speak except for charity or as an obligation that you are obliged to attend, Jesus, the living Word, will make Himself understood at the bottom of your heart and will reveal to you the secrets of divine love as He revealed them to me during my blessed retreat in Egypt and Nazareth.

Testament 12
I leave you my smile. This smile charms Jesus, it refreshed St. Joseph from all the difficulties that he experienced during his work days. If you learn to smile always at those you encounter, you will also plant the joy and the peace in the hearts of men and you will be the joy of the Heart of Jesus.

Testament 13
I leave you my charity in regard to neighbors. I give you as an example the day of the Incarnation when, coming from receiving the greatest grace that God has ever given a creature, that of divine Maternity, far from turning inward to rejoice for myself the peace and joy of the moment, I arose and left in all haste to render services of charity to St. Elizabeth. In Egypt and in Nazareth, this same charity made me go out many times to serve my neighbor. If you find God in prayer, you will also find Him among those sisters whom you serve because, as Jesus said, “What you do to these the least of my brethren, you do the same unto me.”

Testament 14
I leave you the piety so tender and filial that, from the first beating of my heart, flowed from my entire being to the Celestial Father. I leave you the ineffable happiness that I felt in becoming the temple of the Holy Spirit. Finally, I leave you the love that at the Incarnation inundated my heart for the Son of God made man.

Testament 15
I leave you my simplicity in prayer. My prayer was essentially a prayer of love; it consisted above all “recollecting in my heart” the mysteries that I had experienced. Meditate also on these mysteries, they are yours because “the treasures of the mother belong to the child” and also love to recall in your soul the marvels that the Lord has made in you yourself, this will ignite in you thanksgiving.

Testament 16
I leave you the merit of my life and my death of love, so that among your discouragements in view of your misery and poverty, you will still be able to offer them to God as a gift that he will find very agreeable.

Testament 17
I leave you the promise of my most special protection for your soul. I have for you a special love and you will feel it on earth in anticipation of the joy that you will have in Heaven.

Testament 18
I leave you my conversations with the Angels. Those that I had with Gabriel, at the moment of the Incarnation, were complimentary but a bit hard. Thanks to my habitual withdrawal, my detachment from all creation, I was in conversation with these invisible friends that surrounded my soul. I found there strength and consolation; you can have the same if you know that, in imitating me, you will be capable of such celestial conversations.

Testament 19
I leave you my spirit to the end that it will serve you to know God better, so as to love him better.

Testament 20
I leave you my prompt obedience without questioning. Love to meditate upon the mysteries where my obedience was most specially shown, love to imitate it, and your soul will detach from itself through this holy exercise, believe marvelously in abandon and you will enjoy a delicious peace.

Testament 21
I leave you the goodwill that makes me share will others my sorrows and makes me rejoice in all legitimate joys. Through goodwill, you will delight the souls around you, you will make divine Goodwill
loved all the more and, being its mirror here below, in Heaven you will share more than the others in happiness.

Testament 22
I leave you the mercy that directs my heart to have pity on all sinners and all those who have gone astray. You can exercise prayer and reap merits for them, but be above all merciful regarding the falls and the imperfections of your sisters. Look at them with a compassionate eye, love them and be devoted to them in proportion to their weaknesses.

Testament 23
I leave you my simplicity in mortifications. I practice the penances imposed by the law of Moses. I endured the mortifications that came to me through developments and through the practice of virtue. Take all that the Rule imposes, it asks you obedience and submission to all that Providence sends to you, do not invent any other thing that will make you depart from the way of abandon.

Testament 24
I leave you my perseverance, my patience while waiting. I had waited thirty years to see develop the messianic vocation of Jesus, and how many long years after the Ascension until my departure for Heaven! It was for love and for its delicious fruit, abandonment, that I kept my soul in patience and peace, despite the ardor of my desires.

Testament 25
I leave you my love for the hidden life. Long after the Ascension, I was named the mother and the oracle of the Church, I never departed from my retreat except for reasons of zeal. May only obedience and charity be the cause of you leaving yours, and you will quickly grow in Union with God.

Testament 26
I leave you the confidence in God that made me believe without hesitation the marvelous announcement by the Angel and that compelled me to ask for the miracle of Cana. If you have confidence, the Lord will make for you prodigies.

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