Vehicles by which to go to the Crib


At the time of Therese,

these tickets were selected in the community 8 days before Christmas.

Some follow Terese's days, as you may discover...


To see this celestial marvel--the Child-God born in tears-- take off on the wing of a bee and gather pollen from all the flowers. Through virtue, through sacrifices, you will produce a sweet honey. And, offer it to Emmanuel, as quickly as you make these delicacies.
You will go to the crèche carried by a swallow, you rise in a steep and rapid flight above the earth, detached from all of creation, flying without let up with love, without searching here below for rest or consolation for our nature.
You will go to the crèche in an automobile, through the ardor of your charity, the vivacity of your desires, the elevation of your prayers; but the dangers of this type of transport demand much prudence and holy obedience.
You will go to the crèche clinging to the talons of the divine Eagle. Whatever your job, during these weeks of preparation, have your eyes fixed on Him, that you may stay “fascinated by his Divine glance”; and when the blessed hour of His birth is announced, He will be moved by you and you will approach His crib and you will be made joyous by His sweet kisses.
You will go to the crèche in a gracious and light sailboat like that of Therese, taking as a motto this charming verse: “Charity propels and pushes my sail.” And you will dedicate , in effect, the charity behind God and your neighbor as the most perfect means possible to prepare for the feast of Noel.
You will go to the crèche carried by your guardian Angel. Have a great confidence, a profound tenderness for this celestial Friend of your soul, converse often with him, and beg him to communicate to you the ardent love that burns within him for the divine Child.
You will go to the crèche carried by the wing of air, that is to say filled with the breath of the Holy Spirit. Thus, be attentive to the inspirations of the Spirit of love and obey Him with prompt and perfect docility.
You will go to the crèche led by shepherds, that is to say that you will apply yourself to practice the virtue of simplicity, you will abandon yourself like a small child to those whose mission is to guide you towards God.
You will go to the crèche in the cortege of the Three Magi, led by the Star of Love, this star from which one senses again the sweet celestial light, even while Heaven is veiled by clouds. If you train your eyes upon it without ceasing with a lively faith, it will lead you gently into the arms of Jesus and Mary.
You will go to the crèche in a frail canoe like the one in which Moses was exposed upon the Nile; that is to say, you will go to Jesus through plain and entire abandonment of self to divine Providence and to the will of your Superior.
You will go to the crèche by elevator. Make your small efforts and call Jesus to your aid with loving confidence. The Holy Child will descend towards you , you will be taken in His arms and you will cross in an instant the marvelous distances that ineffably separates you from Him.
You will go to the crèche on a light cloud; the cloud of faith that hides from you the view of Jesus, but which you make a way to reach the divine union.
You will go the crèche in a wheel barrow, through humility, the simplicity and love of your own appropriate abjection. Using this lowly vehicle, falls are rare and not usually dangerous!...In order to go gently, you will not find a surer way, and Jesus will assist you with love.
You will go to the crèche upon the wings of a lark, you will rise like her in the air, with a joyous song, take off, with supernatural joy, from the difficulties here below, and offer to the good God the sacrifice of praise and acts of grace.
You will reach as one of the first to the crèche if you embark on a canvas canoe, very dangerous although very light, but more than anything very rapid. It is the image of a hardy confidence that does not fear and that, thanks to its audacity, reaches its goal with astonishing promptness.
If you exercise much love, you will go to the crèche with the rapidity of light, as one carried by a ray of sun towards the Sun of Justice.
You will go to the crèche on a donkey. This mount is not the most brilliant, but Our Lord chose it for Himself, ride it with generosity on the way of humiliations, and mount it always smiling, by the road on which you will arrive.
You will go to the crèche on the wings of a pelican, give of yourself to all in order to exercise fraternal charity and most complete devotion.
You will go to the crèche on the back of a little lamb; you will make acts of gentle assistance for Jesus, the divine Lamb, with the most loving tenderness.
You will go to the crèche on the wings of a dove. You should exercise the virtue of simplicity, so dear to the divine Child of Noel.
You will go to the crèche carried by a Newfoundland dog, that is to say, to exercise the greatest fidelity.
You will go to the crèche on the wings of a sparrow. Maintain a holy insouciance for what is to come; remember that to the small birds God gave the pasture (feed) and that His Providence watches over you with most tender and attentive love.
If the burning zeal of the glory of God inflames you like the heart of Elias, you will go to the crèche, astonished and enraptured, in a chariot drawn by horses of fire.
You will go to the crèche on the wings of a swan, that is to say you will strive to have great purity of heart, but do not forget that this purity of heart is acquired and maintained through humility; remember that the swan, this bird, so white and gracious, will sully itself and will lose all its grace when it tries to leave the wave to drag itself on the bank. Do not search there in order to avoid the sanctifying waters of humiliation, but instead reside with the swan on the river that winds through the fertile valley of humility.
You will go to the crèche on the wings of the hummingbird, for that, it is important that you stay very small, because otherwise the bird-fly will not have the strength to support you. The little Jesus will find the messenger and the little soul so cute together that he will take it very quickly in his tiny hand and will not want to ever let go.
You will go to the crèche by boat, with peace, love, confidence and joy, and you will travel so by sails deployed towards the Crib of the divine Child whom you will greet with a smile and tenderness.


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