Timetable of a day in Carmel

Timetable of a day in Carmel  in the time of St Therese

from Céline’s notes

Summer - from Easter to September 14

Daybreak: 4:45 am

Silent prayer: 5-6 am

Hours: 6-7 am

Mass: 7-8 am

Sunday and feast days: mass at 8 am,
1 free hour between mass and the liturgical hours

Work: 8 to 10 am

Lunch: 10-10:45 am preceded by examination at 09 h45

Recreation: 11-12 am

Silence: 12-1 pm

Work: 1-2 pm

Vespers: 2-2:30 pm


Winter - from September 14 to Easter

Daybreak: 5h 45 am

Prayer: 6-7 am

Hours: 7-8 am

Mass: 8-9 am

Work: 9-11 am

Lunch: 11 am preceded by ex amination

Recreation: 12-1 pm (no hour of silence here, only at night)

Work: 1-2 pm

Vespers: all as previous

Collation: in place of supper at 6 pm

No hour of silence at noon, but always an hour of silence between 8-9 pm: free time.



Reading: 2:30 -3 pm

Work: 3-5 pm

Prayer: 5-6 pm

Supper: 6-6:45 pm

Recreation: 6:45-7:40 pm

Compline: 7:40-8 pm

Silence: 8-9 pm

Matins and lauds: 9-10 pm or a little less

Followed by ex amination at 10:15 pm


Bedtime around 11 pm or a little earlier except on feast days where there are parts of the offices that are chanted.


The hand of Thérèse holding a sandglass

photo n°20.

TH sablier 20 inv


During Church fasts

Work: from 9 to 11:30 am

Lunch: at 11:30 am

Recreation: until 1:30 pm

Work: from 1:30-2:00 pm

Ditto for the rest

Fast days of the Order

Lunch was then at 11 am.

During Lent

All the same except:

Vespers at 11:00 am before lunch

Reading from 2-3 pm: whole hour

Sisters of the white veil (converses) got up 1 hour earlier than the community but had to be in bed at 9 pm.



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