From sr Agnès of Jesus to Céline and Léonie - Late 1889.

From sr Agnès of Jesus to Céline and Léonie - Late 1889.


My darling little sisters,

Ah Thank you (for the gift of a palette)! Your letters touched me deeply. You are indeed Jesus’ chosen little girls. My petit Célin1, continue to make sacrifices!... Your letter was like balm to my heart just as it was for Sr. Marie of the Sacred Heart and the little angel. Yes we trust you. [1v°] And just think what blessings are set aside for you! Your task is difficult but ever so beautiful!

And you, my little Léonie, take heart, God won’t abandon you. He loves you as much as us but his ways are different, ah! no matter provided we do his will. Get well very soon, we suffer knowing you are suffering.

Farewell my darlings, your palette is beautiful but your hearts are even more so. [2 r°] Most importantly tell darling Father that we will only show the photographs to Uncle and don’t tell anyone that Mr. Gombault photographed our angel (photograph of Thérèse as a novice, taken by Father Gombault, who taught at the small Seminary of Lisieux, and who often acted as architect).

You would have thought he had come on purpose, which isn’t the case, since the Bishop had given him permission to come with the entrepreneur to visit the old part of the convent (the Turn quarters, which were threatening to fall into ruins). In case you are asked you can say that I was lent the camera (which belonged to Céline) for two or three days. This secret is very IMPORTANT.

1 Term of endearment.

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